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Chaz Bojorquez - Available works for purchase:

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Limited Edition Serigraph, image size 38.5w x 51h

NEW WORLD ORDER, 1994 (Smithsonian Collection)
Limited Edition Serigraph, image size 26w x 33.5h
Limited Edition Serigraph, image size 42.5w x 31h
L.A. MIX, 1997
Limited Edition Serigraph, image size
Limited Edition Serigraph, image size 36w x 27.5h
SALA, 2003
Limited Edition Serigraph/Mixed Media
Limited Edition/Signed by Chaz (rare) $50 each


Chaz Bojorquez - Aerosol & mixed media

Los Avenues is about my neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. I created a skull symbol Señor Suerte that represented our lifestyle in the streets, an influence that existed my whole life.  To Latino people, the skulls representation is not about death, but about rebirth, tracing back to ancient tradition from our Aztec heritage, an image that still manifests today in our Day of the Dead festivals.

My Skull is the gangster image for protection from death. Our local street gang, The Avenues have claimed the Skull as their own symbol.  Many men in prison have the Skull tattooed on their bodies, from the top of their head to the sides of their necks, arms, chests and full backs. You have to earn it to have it tattooed.

The Los Avenues print shows the Skull with his back protected by his homies, (friends) names listed on the background wall. His path ahead of him is being lit by the glowing light of the cross, representing his allegiance to the street life La Vida Loca.

The paper is first prepared using zolatone paint (a multi-colored automotive industrial paint) prior to printing the silkscreen image. Then using sandpaper to wear down the letters into the background creating an asphalt street look. I then lay down three separate stencils and paint with spray cans, two white highlights off the cross, and a black border around the entire print.

New World Order is a fine art print that was inspired by a hand sculptured stele that I created in 1992 (Por Dios y Oro), illustrating the invasion of a European gang known as the Old World Conquistadors conquered the New World and claimed it as their own.

The graffiti / dialogue written on the streets of Los Angeles is a direct reflection of our society.

This fine art print was inspired by the original painting that I created in 1987 titled A (Avenues) represents a street form of public speaking. Graffiti dictates cultural identity, neighborhood territory and gang strength.  This painting SOMOS LOCOS speaks of all three. The letter A stands for the Avenues (the local traditional street gang in my district of L.A.), it also represents a primary letter-face, a beginning, and the shape of the A resembles an Aztec pyramid, where our neighborhood lives within. Surrounding this territorial A are the street confrontations of dialect, language and identity, the tags of who we are.

In traveling the world I was impressed by the knowledge that we all live in a Third World world. The greater majority of the earth's population consists of people of color. The first and second largest languages spoken on this planet is Chinese and Spanish.

Chino Latino represents some of the new hybrids of cross culture in the new millennium. In Los Angeles, the Chinese and Latino youth intermix at the dance and lounge clubs where their cultural similarities become evident. Their similarities are in dance, music and clothes (hip hop), cars (low riders), food (fusion of ethnic food cuisine) and interrelationships.

This is a fine art print that was inspired by the original painting Chino Latino that I created in 2000.  The scales on the dragon are the names of my graffiti friends: Mear, Vyal, Relic, Sinner, Skill and Tribe.  They are written in West Coast cholo style graffiti, reads Los Locos de Cali, (The Crazies of California) merged in two cultural lettering styles.  We are not crazy in our heads, but Crazy for Life!

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