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UNIFICATION THEORY - Art Band/Live Painting

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UNIFICATION THEORY - Art Band/Live Painting


Unification Theory is a band composed of visual artists, DJs and musicians. Each member of the group is well-known in his respective medium. The concept of Unification Theory is street futurism: visualizing the possibilities of the future through the prisms of Graffiti, Hip Hop, Digital Artwork, Funk, Techno and Jazz. The unification of these diverse creative minds builds new visual and sonic structures. This innovative collaboration of live painting, live music and DJ mixing is a new form of performance.

Jazz-Funk-Techno-Hip Hop-Electronic Music

1. Overton Loyd: P-Funk painting
2. Man One: graffiti painting
3. Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca: abstract digital artwork/painting

And special guest musicians and painters that have performed with Unification Theory live painting band include:

DJ JoyFanatic (P-Funk/Hip Hop DJ)
Harleigh Cole (Afro-Cuban/Latin Jazz/Funk keyboards/percussion)
Nomadico (Techno/Hip Hop/Electro/Jazz DJ and producer)
Ritzy Periwinkle (painter/designer)
John Carr (Yo! What Happened to Peace artist/curator)
Favianna Rodriguez (painter/activist)
quartz head (Electronic/Jazz band from Tokyo, Japan)
and other special guests


Overton Loyd:
Overton Loyd is a visual artist working in various styles including loose pen and ink drawings, cartoon illustrations and mixed media paintings: these styles are alternately known as "Expansionism" and "Bop Art". He is well-known for his prolific body of artwork with the legendary Funk music group Parliament-Funkadelic aka P-Funk created by George Clinton. Overton is a continuing active member of P-Funk and has created cover artwork and comic books for classic P-Funk albums including "Motor-Booty Affair", "Funkentelechy versus the Placebo Syndrome" and Bootsy Collins' "This Boot Is Made For Fonk-N". Overton also designed characters for George Clinton's award-winning animated music video, "Atomic Dog" and Cartoon Network's hit animated television series "Class of 3000", featuring the voice of Andre 3000 (from the Hip Hop group Outkast). His commercial commissions include artwork and designs for Capitol Records, Disney, Cartoon Network, Motown and Rhino Records; and his paintings reside in numerous private collections. Overton's artwork envisions PFunkaesthetics as modern mythology and continues to inspire artists and designers worldwide.

Man One:
Man One is an aerosol/graffiti artist. His bold and colorful murals have pioneered the evolution of graffiti as an art form. His artwork has been exhibited in several museums, including the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles, California and Parco Museum in Tokyo, Japan. Man One's commercial commissions include murals for MTV, ESPN, Adidas, Sony and the Metro Transit Authority. His illustrations have appeared in various publications including the best-selling "Graffiti World" art book, the "Graffiti L.A." art book, New York Magazine and the Washington Post. Man One is also the founder/director of Crewest Gallery, the premiere street/underground art gallery on Gallery Row in the Downtown Arts District of Los Angeles.

Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca:
Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca: Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca is a visual artist and writer. Gustavo created the acclaimed books Interstellar Transmissions, The Hidden Infinities and The Multiple Entrance. His artwork is exhibited in art galleries and museums around the world, including graffiti/street art gallery Crewest Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, California; and Parco Museum and the Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, both in Tokyo, Japan. His artwork is published in various art books, including Yo! What Happened to Peace? His writing is published in various books and literary anthologies. Gustavo creates artwork for record covers and for live concert projections for Detroit Techno record labels Los Hermanos/Underground Resistance and Jeff Mills' Axis Records; Francois K's Deep Space dub record label; and others. Gustavo also collaborates with Juan Atkins' Metroplex record label, visual artist Overton Loyd (from legendary Funk band Parliament-Funkadelic), art director/designer Hideki Nakajima, graffiti legend Chaz Bojorquez and with the Foundation of legendary Jazz artists Alice Coltrane and John Coltrane.

For artwork purchases or to book Unification Theory, please contact us at: art@crewestgallery.com